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Left to Right: Emily Hendricks, Marcia Miller, Treva Zimmerman, Ryan Byers, Nate and Myrna Byers, Jared Byers, Ashlyn Byers, Monica Miller

Meet the Family

Nate & Myrna Byers
Byers family

Nate & Myrna Byers Owner

Nate Byers is owner and head manager of Countryside market.  He is the “fetcher of all good things” like hanging flower baskets, produce, cooler deals, etc. He is an energetic entrepreneur that lives for God and enjoys the customers.  His goal for the store was to have a specialty store for the Kirksville area that could sustainably offer what the people want.  His favorite thing to do is meet customers while running the cash register and helping cheer people up by offering a listening ear. He is maintenance man, contact man, and always puts others first.  His favorite feature of the store is the ice cream machine…and eating ice cream cones! 

Myrna Byers is wife, mother of eight children, and constant encourager for the work of the store.  She is in charge of ordering products, and helps out in a myriad of ways.  She is the inspiration behind the house hold goods and gift item corner of the store.  Calm, kind, and determined she holds the employee team together and treats everybody regally. “I think the seasoning salt and chili powder taste the best and I use them all the time.” She has a good eye for orderliness and works hard to keep the store neat and attractive.

Janna and Ashlyn currently work at the store and are the motivation behind beautiful displays on the end caps, creative hand lettering for the signs, and in meeting the needs of the customers.  Janna makes delicious loose leaf teas, lattes and coffee drinks using supplies from the store. “I love hearing the chatter of locals catching up with each other,” Janna says. “It’s really satisfying to arrange beautiful heaps of fresh tomatoes, peaches and peppers…or handing over a package of perfectly sliced deli meat.” 

Three brothers, Shawn, Ryan, and Jared take out trash, sort produce, fill drink coolers, and do lots of behind-the-scenes jobs (and shhhh, do their best to escape the work! ) They like to make their own sandwiches so they can load ‘em up!

All of Nate's daughters have spent time helping out at the store before they left to teach school, serve on the mission field, or get married.

Mike & Danelle Yoder

Mike & Danelle Former Employee

Danelle married Mike Yoder and lives in Millersburg, Ohio.  Whenever she goes home to shop at Countryside Market she is sure to pick up dry black beans and tiny yellow popcorn because they are the best she’s ever found.  She says, “Getting those shelves restocked and the bagging done was very fulfilling.” Her favorite thing to do was setting up the porch display in the fall.

Sterling & Lisa Troyer

Andrew & jennifer Former Employee

Jennifer married Andrew Yoder and lives in Killbuck, Ohio.  She says the bricks of American cheese Countryside Market carries are the one and only brand of American cheese to use.  She uses her Rada cutlery every single day saying, “It’s the only kind I have!”  She always buys cinnamon and dried parsley here because it’s the freshest and most flavorful she’s ever purchased. 

sterling & Lisa Former Employee

Lisa married Sterling Troyer and lives in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Lisa especially likes the coconut tidbits…”it’s a snack, but a healthy one!”  Her favorite thing about the store was the connection with the customers. “I loved talking with them while I ran the cash register”.   My husband and I eat a lot of popcorn, so we always buy the tiny yellow and red popcorn.  


Currently, Monica Miller, Emily Hendricks, Treva Zimmerman and Marcia Miller, are the girls that regularly help.  Some of the foodie favorites from the employees would be the dark chocolate expresso beans, chia seeds, Noosa yogurt, guacamole, and Montana Steak seasoning.  There is always something new that comes in the discount cooler deals that they love.


Emily Hendricks


Treva Zimmeran

together, we want to meet your needs and provide a unique shopping experience.

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Byers Family
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