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Fresh Produce

Onions, potatoes, and apples stay in the store nearly year round, while peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and so much more come and go as they are available.


Bulk Foods

Spices, baking items, candy, snacks, thickeners, gelatin, pasta, grains, loose leaf tea and other goods fill our shelves.


Deli Meat & Cheese

Over 40 kinds of meat and cheese to choose from. Combine any of them for a party tray (starting at $28 for 20 people) or homemade sandwich (starting at $4.49)

Image by Brian Kraus

Cooler and Freezer deals

Our freezers and coolers are jam-packed with deals like $.59 quarts of yogurt, Lunchables for $.99, and Bolthouse drinks for $.79, except when our customers grab things so fast we can hardly keep it on the shelves!


Essential Oils, Salves, and homemade soaps

This section of our store has hard to find items including lye soaps, elderberry wellness syrup, and Amish Origins salve to naturally treat viruses and aches and pains.


kitchen items and home decor

Cake pans, spoons, noodle cutters, measuring cups, mixing bowls, and more fill the kitchen aisle. In the home decor section there are lots of wall signs, candles, wreaths, gift items, and enamel ware.

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